2014 Results

Class 1

Tableau Cart Open
Position Club Entry
1 Hucky Duck CC. In Flanders Fields
2 Gemini CC.  Transformers - The Cube 
3 Pentathalon CC.  Roll Up Roll Up! 
4 Wills CC.  Merry Grinchmas 
5 Oasis CC.  Life's a Beach 
6 King William CC.  Dancing on Ice 
7 Centurion CC. Willow 
8 Quakerside CC. Apolocalypse 
9 Shambles CC. Fair Time


Class 3 

Feature Cart Open
Position Club Entry
1 Gremlins CC. Brunel's Kingdom - The Shipyard
2 Harlequin CC.  Tortuga
3 Marketeers CC.  Battle for Atlantis (The Lost City) 
4 Ramblers CC.  Freeze 
5 Eclipse CC.  Dead Men Tell No Tales 
6 Vagabonds CC.  Wreck'd 
7 Masqueraders CC. Brunel's Vision 
8 British Flag CC.  Old London Town 
9 Griffens CC.  Rainforest 
10 Renegades CC.  Anubis Army 
11 Globe CC.  Departing Midnight 
12 Mendip Vale CC.  Attractions (Abandones!) 
13 Wick CC.  Norsemen 
14 Hot Rock CC.  Hayday 
15 Lime Kiln CC.  U.S.A. 
16 Crusaders CC.  Zummerset 
17 Cobra CC.  Disco Fever 
18 Cavaliers CC.  Juke Box Jive 
19 Toppers CC.  Remember Remember 
20 Westonzoyland CC.  Back to Our Future 
21 YMCA CC.  Tombs of Doom 
22 Gorgons CC.  Fire & Ice 


Class 5 

Comic Feature Cart
Position Club Entry
1 Cary Comedians CC. Oom Pah Pah!
2 Newmarket CC.  I Wanna Be Like You 
3 Nunsford Nutters CC.  Formula Tubs 
4 Just Georges CC.  Rescue Me 
5 2 R's CC  Brits Abroad 
6 Luckington CC.  On The Piste 


Class 6 

Juvenile Cart
Position Club Entry
1 Hillview JCC. Jungle Fever
2 Marina Sydenham JCC.  Flying To Rio 
3 Club 2000 CC.  El Nino


Class 7 

Groups of Masqueraders Adult
Position Club Entry
1 Xtreme CC. Hear Me Roar
2 Wilfs CC.  Only 52 Sleeps to Go
3 Highwayman CC.  Lil Excaliber


Class 8 

Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile
Position Club Entry
1 Crusaders Cubs Scarecrow Party 
2 Thatchers JCC Clubland


Class 9 

Groups of Masqueraders (3-5)
Position Club Entry
1 Smandy's CC Guardians of Fraener 
2 The Academy of Carnival  The Curse of Athena 
3 Just Peachy  Belas Criaturas 


Class 10 

Position Club Entry
1 A&A CC. Mr & Mrs
2 Dee Gees CC.  Nordick Warriors 
3 Jiggle CC.  Bones 
4 Nattajacks CC.  Lettuce Gnome to Market 
5 Samvantra CC.  Myanmar Puppets 
6 Stardelights CC.  Rock Chix 
7 Dave & Lisa Arney  Winging It 
8 RJ CC.  Dancing Zombies 
9 Fantasy CC.  Wild at Heart 


Class 11 

Single Masquerader Adult
Position Club Entry
1 Michael Churches Ali Babas Contrary Carpet
2 Roger Muspratt-Hamilton Kang Admi 
3 Abbie Haines For Whom The Bells Toll 
4 Andy Tizzard  Whiz Pop Bang Bang 
5 Jacks CC.  Aztec Artisan 
6 Metamorphosis CC.  La Phantom De La Chandelier 
7 Smandy's Geriatric CC.  Rock on Tommo Boat 
8 En-Spired CC.  Addendictis - The Curse of the Snake People 
9 Adam Cox  Carnivoodoo 
10 Krakus CC.  Freshly Picked 
11 Spirit CC.  Attraction 
12 Ann Cook  Carnival of Butterflies 


Class 12 

Single Masquerader Juvinile
Position Club Entry
1 Aden Pearcy Time Keeper
2 Lauren Pearcy  Nouvelle Lune 
3 Cousins CC.  Wonderland Shuffle 
4 Carina Haines  Queen of the Nights 
5 Rio Welsh  Davy Jones Locker 
6 Thomas Gorman  Mr Fox 


Class 13 

Towing Vehicle
Position Club Entry
1 Gremilns CC. Brunel's Kingdom - The Shipyard
2 Hucky Duck CC.  In Flanders Fields  
3 Ramblers CC.  Freeze 
4 Marketeers CC.  Battle For Atlantis (The Lost City) 


Class 14 

Vehicle Driver
Position Club Entry
1 Ramblers CC. Dead Men Tell No Tales
2 Eclipse CC.  Anubis Army 
3 Renegades CC.  Rainforest 
4 Griffens CC.  Attractions (Abandones!) 


Class 15 

Entries with Disabilities
Position Club Entry
1  The Academy of Carnival Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No It's... 


Class 16 

Trade Open
Position Club Entry
1 Blandford Dorset Great Dorset Steam Fair 
2 Brean Leisure Park Brean Play - Brean Splash 


Class 17 

Anything Goes
Position Club Entry
1 Bridgwater Belles Fire & Ice - The Battle Begins
2 Unicorn CC.  Centenary of World War! 
3 Dancefit Academy  Kidz of America 
4 CISPP  Exhibition Vehicle 


Class 18 

Best Decorated Generator
Position Club Entry
1 Hucky Duck CC. In Flanders Fields 
2 Harlequin CC.  Tortuga 
3 Eclipse CC.  Dead Men Tell No Tales 


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