2017 Results

Class 1

Tableau Cart Open
Position Club Entry
1 Huckyduck CC. The Flying Dutchman
2 Gemini CC. Steam Punk
3 King William CC. 9 ¾
4 Wills CC Tempus Fugit
5 Centurion CC. Toad Hall
6 Pentathalon CC. Braveheart


Class 3 

Feature Cart Open
Position Club Entry
1 Gremins CC. Run to the hills
2 Masqueraders CC.  War Horse - The Journey Home 
3 Marketeers CC.  The Locker
4 Harelequin CC.  Beautiful Creatures
5 Ramblers CC.  Halloween in Deadman's Hollow 
6 Renegades CC.  Maori 
7 Toppers CC.  Ant Warriors
8 Globe CC.  White Magic 
9 Shambles CC.  Thriller 
10 Westonzoyland CC.  Drunken Soldier 
11 Vagabonds CC.  Be Our Guest 
12 Lime Kiln CC.  TEAYO 
13 Griffens CC.   Spirit of Winter
14 Wick CC.  New Orleans Voodoo 
15 Eclipse CC.  The Adventures of Mowgli 
16 Mendip Vale CC.  Troy 
17 British Flag CC.  Ooh La La 
18 Cobra CC.  'Twas the rush before... 
19 Hot Rock CC.  Inca 
20 Cavaliers CC.  Champagne & Chandeliers 
21 Crusaders  CC. Sweep 
22 YMCA CC.  Welcome To Hell 
23 Gorgons CC.  Regeneration (of rock) 
24 Highwayman CC.  Norty 


Class 5 

Comic Feature Cart
Position Club Entry
1 Newmarket CC. Naggers (you won't stop talking)
2 Nunsford Nutters CC. Three Little Pigs
3 Luckington CC. 50 Shades of Hay
4 Cary Comedians CC. Ass Haul
5 Just Georges CC. Rock Lobster
6 Mardons CC. Rock Babies


Class 6 

Juvenile Cart
Position Club Entry
1 Marina Sydenham JCC. Jack ! 
2 Hillview JCC.  Yee Ha 


Class 7 

Groups of Masqueraders (adult or mixed)
Position Club Entry
1 Xtreme CC. Light 'Em Up
2 Wilfs CC.  The Wilfs 2020 Tokyo Olympic Trials ‘All Dressaged Up And Hoping To Go’ 
3 Bridgwater Belles CC.  Great Spirit 
4 Make You Laugh CC.  Pirates Life


Class 8 

Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile
Position Club Entry
1 Crusaders Cubs Mini Sweeps 
1 Rhythm Fever Puppet Parade 


Class 9 

Groups of Masqueraders (3-5)
Position Club Entry
1 Smandy's CC Professor Lillylicks Marvelous Elixir
2 Just Peachy CC.  Terribly Ever After 
3 Daisy Bennett  (...) 
3 Midas The Golden Compass 


Class 10 

Position Club Entry
1 Dee Gees CC Ole!
2 En-spired CC.  Elementus – Guardians Of The Elements 
3 Inferno CC.  (..) 


Class 11 

Single Masquerader Adult
Position Club Entry
1 A&A CC. Pablo’s Travelling Circus 
2 Academy Of Carnival  (...)  
3 Spirit CC.  One Day In Summer 
4 Michael Churches  Ho Ho Let It Snow 
5 Andy Tizzard  Rio Rhythm 
6 Andrew Plumber  Potion Seller 
7 Kevin Sivel  (...) 
8 Fantasy CC. (...)


Class 12 

Single Masquerader Juvinile
Position Club Entry
1 Samvantra Juniors Nihon
2 Izzy Wheeler  The Sami Warrior 
3 Academy of Carnival  (...) 
4 Becky Wheeler  (...) 
5 Ethan Pickersgill  Flamin Freezin 
6 Academy of Carnival  (...) 


Class 13 

Towing Vehicle
Position Club Entry
1 Gremlins CC. Run To The Hills
2 Masqueraders CC.  War Horse 
3 Huckyduck CC.  The Flying Dutchman
4 Marketeers CC.  The Locker 


Class 14 

Vehicle Driver
Position Club Entry
1 Marketeers CC. The Locker
2 Huckyduck CC.  The Flying Dutchman
3 Gremlins CC. Run For The Hills 
4 Ramblers CC.  Halloween In Deadman’s Hollow


Class 15 

Entries with Disabilities
Position Club Entry
1 The Academy of Carnival Martian Mike 
2 Chipmunks CC.  Scaredy Squirrel 


Class 16 

Trade Open
Position Club Entry
1 (...) (...) 


Class 17 

Anything Goes
Position Club Entry
1 BEES Cats 
2 Lia Arney  (...) 


Class 18 

Best Decorated Generator
Position Club Entry
1  Gremlins CC.  Run to the Hills


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