2018 Road Closures

2018 Road Closures

Unfortunately Carnival requires a lot of roads to be closed.

Each year in order to make carnival happen we need to close a number of roads in and around Burnham Town Centre.

We know that closed roads are an inconvenience to everyone which is why we keep roads closed for as short a time as possible, whilst still maintaining a safe area for the event to take place.

We essentially have three separate closure periods.

  • Queen's Drive and the Frank Foley Parkway will be closed all weekend from Saturday evening.
  • The Esplanade, South Esplanade and Pier Street on Sunday evening for the fireworks.
  • Most town centre roads Monday evening from 4pm until 1am on Tuesday morning.
    However we will try to delay closing these roads until 1815 wherever possible and we will reopen them as early as possible after carnival has finished and the crowds have cleared.

We also have some parking restrictions in town throughout the weekend to keep emergency and diversion routes clear.

For details on our road closures or parking restrictions please choose a button below.

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Explanation of Road Closures

Weekend Closures:

Our Weekend Closures are those which start at 2100hrs on Saturday 3rd November and continue until the end of the event. They can stay in place until 0100hrs on Tuesday 6th November however we hope to open them earlier than this wherever possible. These roads have been closed to allow carts to be parked near the town having traveled during the night after the Bridgwater Carnival. We move them at night because it is after when there are fewer cars on the road and it minimises traffic disruption. After the event it creates a safe area for carts to be 'broken down' into smaller units that can be safely driven to the next carnival in Weston.

HGVs and Diversion Routes

The main diversion route was changed last year, to access Burnham please use the B3139 (Burnham Road) wherever possible. Please be aware that Stodden's Lane has a weight limit and is not suitable for HGVs or larger vehicles.

Sunday Evening Closures:

Not strictly part of Carnival but the Sunday night closures are around the jetty area on the seafront. These are put in place to accommodate the large number of people who come to visit the fireworks display. There closures run from 1700 until 1945. We do open the roads up as early as possible after this event however we do need to wait until there are no longer crowds of people stood in the road which can take some time.

Leaving the fireworks on Sunday evening

If you are parked in the Pier Street car park or on the South Esplanade there can be delays leaving the event. The traffic lights on Pier Street only allow two or three cars out of the car park at a time. Because of this we provide traffic control to assist in exiting the car park via the Esplanade, which reduces the queueing time considerably. If a marshal asks you to wait please do so as it will allow us to balance the flow of traffic out of the car park and ensure everyone is delayed for the shortest possible time.

Monday Evening Closures

Monday night sees the most closures across the town centre. As well as the main carnival route we do need to close a small number of other roads to form emergency and evacuation routes. These closures can be installed from 1600hrs however wherever possible we will keep roads open until 1815. Please bear in mind that if crowds start to spill onto the roads we will need to close the roads before this time. The roads on Monday evening can stay closed until 0100 on Tuesday morning however in reality we hope to open as many as possible as early as possible. Roads can only reopen when there are no longer large crowds overspilling the pavements. We work with Avon and Somerset Police to ensure that roads are open as soon as possible after the event.

Monday Diversions

There are some roads in town that do become inaccessible as a result of these closures, these are best viewed on our map above.

  • There are two main routes into town, these are:
  • Burnham Road allows access to areas such as the 'Tesco's estate' via Killarney Avenue. Traffic on this route will be busy especially as carnival carts will be heading out from Marine Drive and back in to Pepperall Road. We do however have parking restrictions on most of this route to enable the roads to cope with the increased traffic volumes.
  • Stoddens Lane will be particularly busy during the event but does allow access to the Esplanade, Berrow Road and Middle Burnham.
  • The B3140 via Lympsham is usually the best route to access Berrow and Brean on the night however access is still available via Stodden's Lane if you'd Prefer.

Legal Status of Road Closures

From 2016 onwards our road closures and parking restrictions are applied as part of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO).
TTROs allow the council to put temporary restrictions in place that act in much the same way as permanent ones and they have the same status in law as orders such as one way traffic restrictions. This does mean that failing to comply with a Road Closed sign is an endorsable offence and can lead to penalty points on your licence as well as a fine. Similar rules are in effect for parking restrictions so you may get a ticket for parking on a road marked by no waiting cones even if it seems a long way from carnival. Please do not risk it, if you are unsure about a sign please ask one of our marshals for guidance to make sure you are not caught out. 

Road Closures
Between 2100 hours on 3rd November 2018
and 0100 hours on 6th November 2018
The Frank Foley Parkway, Burnham on Sea
From its junction with Ben Travers Way (North) in a south easterly direction to its junction with Ben Travers Way (South). A distance of 404 metres.
The B3140 Burnham Link Road
From Love Lane Roundabout in an easterly direction to its junction with Stoddens Lane. A distance of 1456 metres


Road Closures
Between 1600 hours on 5th November 2018
and 0100 hours on 6th November 2018
Ben Travers Way
From Tesco’s entrance to its junction with the Frank Foley Parkway. A distance of 70 metres.
Ben Travers Way (South)
at junction with Frank Foley Parkway
Berrow Road
from Westfield Road to Manor Road
Church Street
B3139 Burnham Road to A38
The Frank Foley Parkway
From its junction with Ben Travers Way to Love Lane Roundabout. A distance of 523 metres.
Hawley Way
junction of Ramsay Way to junction of Love Lane
Highbridge Road
from Worston Lane to Oxford Street
Love Lane
From its junction with Manor Road to its junction with the B3140 Burnham Link Road. A distance of 846 metres.
Frank Foley Parkway / Wallace Wells Road Roundabout
Love Lane / Rosewood Avenue
Marine Drive / Burnham Road
Adam Street
Chapel Street
College Street
Cross Street
High Street
Manor Road
Marine Drive
Oxford Street
Pier Street
Regent Street
South Street
Victoria Street
Vicarage Street
Parking Restrictions
Between 0630 hours on 3rd November 2018
and 0100 hours on 6th November 2018
Ben Travers Way, Frank Foley Parkway, B3140 Burnham Link Road, Pepperall Road, Burnham Road (prior to Pepperall Roundabout on both sides)


Parking Restrictions
Between 0630 hours on 5th November 2018
and 0100 hours on 6th November 2018
Abingdon Street, Archer Drive, Rosewood Avenue, Frank Foley Parkway, Berrow Road, Burnham Road, Church Street, College Street, Highbridge Road, High Street, Killarney Avenue, Manor Road, Victoria Street, Marine Drive
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